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The Photography of A'na Sa'tara ... on the threshold of consciousness and form


While it may seem paradoxical, my approach to photography is fundamentally non-physical. My photography is an expression of my awareness of higher planes of consciousness reflected into a moment of experience, a landscape, or another being. The image is not the destination or the result: rather, it is a doorway, window, and invitation to the experience of the higher form consciousness from which it emerged.

We live in a world where people primarily exchange and perceive physical items, concepts, or emotions. In my work, these are secondary. Primary is the origin point, where energy and consciousness begin their movement to form. The image is far down the line of creation, where the flow of energy and awareness finally coalesces into the physically tangible.

Many of the doorways and windows that I seek to open and share with others are not of this time-space, though the photograph serves as a marker within our shared temporal experience. My memory extends far and wide. Because time itself is an illusion and by-product of dense consciousness, there is ultimately no need to be constrained by it once you are able to travel, sense, and experience in the vastness of All Time and All-that-Is.

Time is fluid. Physicality is transient and multi-dimensional. Liberation exists in the ability to move both inside and outside of time-space.

That is the purpose of my photography: to invite you to move inside and outside of time-space so you can know the origins of existence and essence of your Source.

If a landscape, an orchid, a stone, a whale, or an ancient sacred site is resonant with this deep origin and vast wholeness of creation, then we can partner together to create a photograph, to share the knowing and time-space embodied within that place or being. If not, then we aren't a match to work together.

In this way, you will find that my photographs are not necessarily linear or documentary of places and beings in the physical sense. That level of order and organization is too superficial and transient to serve my vision of offering higher planes of consciousness. What you will encounter is the moments where the divine, the wholeness, and deepness of existence shine through the density of our current planetary existence. Sometimes those moments cluster in time-space and sometimes they are scattered across weeks or months of my work.

Photography is an extension and offering of my lifework as a teacher, healer, and guide to higher dimensions of consciousness and liberation. My passion and purpose are to open the doorways and clear the pathways for all beings to experience a reality of vast new potential. Most of my effort is dedicated to planetary service to awakening consciousness to anchor and activate this energy and awareness on a vast scale of time-space. I also extend my support to individuals who are called to participate in and receive planetary renewal and uplift.

Unique images from my orchid collection -- "orchid portraits" -- can be viewed on my orchid growing website, Ancient Energy Orchids.

Many blessings. May my photographs bring you joy, beauty, inspiration, and a reminder of what is possible beyond the outlines of physical experience.

A'na Sa'tara

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