New Light on Macchu Picchu & Huayna Picchu

Anyone who has traveled with me will know that I have the "luck" (or blessing) of weather.  This image of Macchu Picchu at dawn was created on our first day of arrival at this (pre) Incan sacred site -- AND the first clear day of the year after the 2012 rainy season.  Clear and radiant in many ways! While the visual center of Macchu Picchu is the stone ruins of the large living and ceremonial complex, the high vibrational energy centers are in the mountains around this human-created plateau. 

The vibrational highlight of our visit was the top of Huanya Picchu (or Wayna Picchu), the VERY steep triangular mountain at the top left of the image above.  Yes!  There is a pathway and (old crumbling) stairs to the top.  And yes!  Paul, my husband, and I climbed to to the very summit for one of the finest multi-dimensional views on Earth.

I'll never quite understand how we were fortunate to obtain tickets to climb Huayna Picchu. (Access is limited to a few hundred people per day in a few time slots).  We arrived at the ticket counter in the nearby town of Aquas Calientes to wait in line.  My Spanish is good enough to understand that preceding people in line were turned down.  But we had nothing to lose to wait and ask.  When we did, I inquired if there might be a waiting list ... and for reasons beyond my Spanish comprehension, the agent gave us two tickets for the next day.

Macchu Picchu was quite different than we expected -- click here to read my observations and insights on "Andean Sacred Sites: healing Macchu Picchu & awakening Lake Titicaca."

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Inca Tonohuire

pre Incan and Inca sacred site, Lake Titicaca, Andes Mountains, Peru

Amaru Muru: Stargate of the Incas?

Once upon a time, the site of Amaru Muru was considered a "stargate" or inter-dimensional access point on Earth energetic grid.  It is located near the shore of Lake Titicaca, in Peru.  We were fortunate to visit on a solar eclipse (May 20, 2012) and travel the local area -- "Valley of the Spirits" -- on foot for several hours with a local guide.

As with many sites in the Andes, the high vibrational qualities of Aramu Muru are much diminished from previous times.  Many levels of disruption to regional ley lines have diminished the once energetic power and grandeur of this location.  There is much more than I can say about this in this post ... I share more perspective in my article on Andean sacred sites.

Temple of Pachamama: the crystalline view from Amantani Island

"Standing with Pachamama"

Andean Sunset at the Temple of Pachamama (Earth Mother) Amantani Island Andes Mountains Lake Titicaca, Peru

Not only is the view of the sun setting behind the Andean cordillera a scene of power and beauty, but it was photographed from one of the most energetically remarkable places that I visited in the Andes -- the temple of Pachamama on Amantani Island in Lake Titicaca. While I have visited the Andes on several trips -- from Ecuador to the Tierra del Fuego in Chile -- this photograph defines a moment when I experienced the presence of this mountain range and region in a way that is only comparable to my time in the Himalayas, traversing the Nepalese Khumbu region.  Beyond words, I can be describe it as being in the presence of mountain goddesses -- the divine nature of this landscape and higher dimensional connections to the evolving planetary system on which we dwell.

To read more about the sacred sites of Lake Titicaca, click here for "Lake Titicaca: Awakening Light beneath the waters."

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