Lightwork reflects back to me in light...

The image above has become the iconic photograph of Sacred Light Photography.  Why?  Because its visual splendor is a reflection of the heart of the energy and awareness that I bring to my work -- as photographer, soul guide, and spiritual teacher.  And, of course, this reflection emerges from how the photograph was created.  What we see in physical form is a mirror of the consciousness and energy flows that have brought it into existence.

Each year, I take an annual retreat in the area of the Grand Tetons, to open and consecrate the New Year.  January 2013 was especially cold -- and nothing creates stunning silence on a landscape like short winter daylight and bitter weather.

It was late afternoon by the time that I put on my backcountry skis to traverse the base of the Teton range.  I had spent the last seven hours inside my cabin meditating and supporting planetary energetic healing.  Realizing the imminent close of daylight, I decided to venture out, into the snow and clouds, for a short ski.  And short it was -- below zero, breezy, and cloudy.  The mountains weren't even visible.  Such poor conditions that I didn't even bother to bring my camera with me.

As I approached my car, just before sunset, clearing expanded over the mountains.  It was amazing.  The glory of all Heaven and Earth broke forth in light and color.  These images are not color-enhanced -- flowing pink and purple with gold touches filled the evening sky.  I hurried to assemble my camera and had the fleeting opportunity -- less than five minutes -- to receive the divine light into these images.

Receiving Divine Light

I titled these two images -- the close-up of Grand Teton on top of the page, and panorama above -- "Lightwork Received."  In the witnessing of this unexpected and unparalled magnificence, I experience the physical reflection of the radiance, beauty, power, and vastness of the Light that had been expressed through my healing meditations earlier in the day.  The awareness of this reflection of energy and Spirit changed me forever.  I see the unfolding of all Creation in the Universe through these photographs.

Powerful Planetary Energy in Sacred Geometry

Places of powerful planetary energies -- some well-known such as Mount Shasta, California or Sedona, Arizona --- are recognized for unique energetic formations and cycles of energy flows.  These come and go as there are patterns and ebbs of energy on the galactic and planetary landscape -- think of it as "cosmic weather."

These energy patterns and cycles are usually not so obvious to the physical eye.  But if you look at the image to the right with your higher awareness (some call it your "third eye") you might see the sacred geometries of energy and awareness in this energy vortex near the base of the Grand Teton range.

I'll give a little background on "sacred geometry."  Many people tend to think of energy as “electric flowing water” — a uniform stream of life force or Source. For higher energy frequencies — those at the soul-level or planetary-scale rather than simply connected to so-called physical world — it is much more useful to think of energy as organized in crystals, rather than water-like flows. In this case, a snowflake is a good analogy — when viewed microscopically, a world of delicate, beautiful, and interacting patterns is revealed.

Imagine how much more information can be contained in the fractal-like complexity of a snowflake compared to a simple droplet of water. Crystals are a good starting point to imagine what many people (yet) do not easily see — energy in higher light forms and dimensions. But conceiving of higher dimensional energy as a crystal is limiting too; we are stuck with a physical metaphor and familiar ways that crystals are formed and organized.

To truly embrace the depth, complexity, and yet-to-be-imagined qualities and aspects of higher dimensional energy, I use the concept of sacred geometries. Both words are key here. Geometry points to the organization, interaction, and complexity of the energy form. Sacred points to the essential Life-giving and awakening qualities of these energy forms. In other words, we’re not just talking about energy for booting up your computer or making your fingers wiggle.

To learn more about sacred geometry for spiritual healing and soul awakening, please click here.

"Cosmic Lights"

winter in mountains, energy vortex, Grand Teton National Park, Teton County, Moose, Wyoming

Click the photo below to view more images of the Grand Tetons

"New Year (2013) Light"

winter sunrise on mountains, Grand Teton National Park, Teton County, Moose, Wyoming

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