Humpback Whale: Leaping for Healing?

The story behind this photograph might be a bit hard to believe ...

This autumn, I have spent at least 50 hours filming and photographing the Humpback whale "feeding frenzy" on Monterey Bay.  I've seen dozens of whales breach -- from a distance or "kinda close" to the boat.  But nothing like this.  This image is full frame on a 300mm telelphoto lens.  No cropping -- that close.

What is even more remarkable is that there were no Humpback whales in sight close to the boat.  It was actually a pretty uneventful part of the day.  During the lull in marine wildlife, I was sending prayers and a healing for a friend in a very difficult and complicated spiritual and energetic situation.  At the precise moment that I completed the transmission of Light, this whale breached next to the boat.  And I was facing in the right direction and aimed my camera without even time to think.  Perfection in time and space.

I've created two videos from my time with the Humpback whales of Monterey Bay.  Click here to watch the "Amazing Humpback Whale Gathering of 2013."

Click the photo below to view more images of whales & dolphins

Working with the lightworkers of the Oceans

Over my time photographing and connecting with the whales and dolphins of the Pacific coast, I've gained a new understanding and appreciation of their soul essence and work on the planet.  Not simply large in body size -- many are quite expansive in their soul awareness.  Far beyond what most people would imagine in association with an "animal."  Their depth of energetic vibration and connection to higher dimensions of consciousness is both vast and deep.

Different individuals and different species have different qualities and connections -- just like people and individuals living on the terrestrial Earth.  While I have experienced and worked with many species of dolphins (Risso's dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins, Common white-side dolphins) and whales (Humpback whales, Blue whales, Grey whales, Killer whales or Orcas) in my individual and planetary healing work, my deepest resonance and healing co-creations have been with Humpback whales. 

As a group, Humpback whales are unique in their interconnected consciousness and association with higher dimensional beings.  It's also notable that they are quite different, physically, in form and behaviour than most other whales.

If you'd like to learn more, I offer an article and created a video on the healing and awakening role that whales and dolphins play as "LIghtworkers of the Oceans."

The majesty of a new future for Monterey Bay

"Marine Mammal Extravaganza"

Humpback Whale and California Sea Lions, Monterey Bay, near Moss Landing, California, Santa Cruz County

I believe that the enduring impact of being a witness and participant to the amazing Humpback whale gathering that occurred in autumn 2013 was experiencing directly and vividly what is possible on a vibrant planet of uninterrupted energetic flows and expression. 

The number of whales seen in Monterey Bay is beyond any of the living marine biologist's memories -- going back probably 40 years at least.  Commerical whaling ended in Monterey Bay in the 1960s.  And, as once biologist commented, it is probably still in the memories of surviving whales today (who live to be 70-90 years).  It remarkable to remember a time when hundreds of Humpback whales in Monterey Bay was not unusual.  And remarkable to see that it is possible once again.

One particular trip exceeded all of the expectations that I could have for a gathering of whales.  It was a calm day on the Bay and I was fortunate to be able to film dozens of whales feeding together, alongside thousands of California sea lions.  Please join me in this amazing experience: click here to watch the video.

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