Photographing an elusive and powerful mountain ...

"Rising into the Light"

sunset on Mount Shasta, Shasta Trinity National Forest, Shasta County, California

Mount Shasta is a spectacular visual, spiritual, and energetic icon of the northern California landscape: a snow-capped volcano flanked to the south by the extensive dark green forests of Trinity Alps National Forest and arid volcanic lava fields stretching to the north into Oregon.  It is solitary on the landscape and its closest volcanic partner is Mount Lassen to the southeast, quite a distance away.

The geography of Mount Shasta is both what makes it visually stunning -- and, in my experience, elusive to photograph.  It is a weather magnet and weather generator -- creating awesome lenticular cloud formations and grabbing any passing storm or weather front.

I have traveled to Mount Shasta many times for Earth healing work, as it is a well known high vibrational energy vortex, a key location on the planetary energy grid, and a nexus for higher dimensional connections.  However, energetic shifts -- "cosmic weather" -- are often accompanied by their own manifestations of "physical weather" and these storms, clouds, and transitions have often accompanied the healings and ascension activations supported by the high vibrational energy of Mount Shasta.

In the case with the photograph above, I saw the mountain briefly before sunset, and then, it was shrouded in storm and clouds for the next two days.  But it was a spectacular sunset -- both for these still images, and for creating a video during the unique astrological alignment between Venus and Mars on that day (September 29, 2013). 

I invite you to watch the video on "Receiving new Earth Frequencies: how to align and transform your life" for insights from the sacred energies of Mount Shasta and a personal gateway to empower and expand your future.

The complexity of Light within a powerful sacred energy site

"June 19, 2011 Bridge"

winter sunset on Mount Shasta, Shasta Trinity National Forest, Shasta County, California

Winter on Mount Shasta frequently spills into summer and autumn ... as this photo, a few days before summer solstice, reflects.  I have experienced the mountain in all seasons, wearing snow shoes, hiking boots, and skis.  But, as with all of the sacred energy sites to which I have traveled, it is the high vibrational energy ley lines and energy vortices of the area -- aligned with sacred geometry for ascension and planetary healing -- that call me, not simply the physical beauty.

But as with most powerful energy sites on the planet, Mount Shasta is a complex place.  It is filled with intensive and elevating energies ... and other pathways best not traveled if you are in search of health, healing, and expansion. 

The vibrational landscape commands both awe and discernment.  In reflection of this awareness, I filmed a video on Mount Shasta titled "Going with the Flow: are you sure?"  This video is designed to be a "wake-up call" and challenge to the enticement of the "path of least resistance" which can be mis-identified as a path a of high energy or spiritual "flow." 

I offer a deeper and expanded meaning of “the great flow” which is at the heart of your being, your soul, your sovereignty, and your creative power. THIS is the flow of opportunity, freedom, and vast potential. Please join me for this high vibrational video on Mount Shasta — you won’t be disappointed!

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