Ocean Lightworkers: Whales & Dolphins

As part of my support for planetary uplift and renewal, I have spent dozens of hours on the waters of Monterey Bay, California, meeting and working with thousands of whales and dolphins.  Many are truly partners and lightworkers, of vast and powerful consciousness.  In the photographs and videos below, I share some of my most luminous moments with them.  Through the doorways of these images, I invite you to step into planetary awakening and new soul ascension pathways.

Humpback Whales

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Whale & Dolphin Videos by A'na Sa'tara

When we think of lightworkers creating pathways of higher consciousness for Earth, our human lives lead us to look and think about what is close around us. Our terrestrial perspective, however, is misleading. The surface of third dimensional Earth is about 70% water … why would such a large area be neglected in the transformation of the planetary system?  I share some insights and new perspectives in this article on dolphins and whales as star seeds and lightworkers.

For more videos on whales, and soul awakening, please visit my YouTube channel.

A Sound Healing Meditation with Whales & Dolphins

Experience a multi-dimensional healing and soul awakening experience with "lightworkers from the oceans" -- whales and dolphins. With singing bowls and gongs played live in a sound healing meditation organized by Danny Goldberg at Harbin Hot Springs, California, we deeply connect with these beautiful beings in higher dimensional consciousness. The video includes close encounters with Humpback whales, Blue whales, Killer Whales (Orcas), Risso's dolphins, a Bottlenose Dolphin, and thousands of California Sea Lions in Monterey Bay, California.

Earth, Air, Water, & Whales

Earth, Air, and Water uniquely combined to produce a rare anchovy feast near the shore of Moss Landing, California in the Monterey Bay. Billions of anchovies schooled near the ocean surface ... bringing dozens of Humpback Whales to feed on them. I was fortunate to observe and co-create film and photographs of the whales breaching, diving, and lunge-feeding on the anchovies -- sometimes within arm's reach from the boat. Please join me for an amazing three minutes of power, beauty, and indescribable grace.

Who are the Lightworkers of the Oceans?

Our personal and planetary connections to whales and dolphins flow deeply ... from the soul and to the stars. Have you every wondered why so many people are excited and interested in these remarkable ocean dwellers? I invite you to meet local Humpback whales, Blue whales, and Risso's dolphins as I explain a new soul-level view of whales and dolphins. Many are truly "lightworkers of the oceans" who offer powerful support to evolving planetary energies and consciousness. When experienced as high vibrational souls and starseeds, whales and dolphins are far more individual and remarkable than you have every believed.

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