Videos filmed in Yellowstone by A'na Sa'tara

What is a True & Sovereign Soul Path?

Do you really know where your Soul Path comes from? How do you connect with it? How do you know your vision is real, true, and coming from your spiritual heart? These questions affect every aspect of your spiritual and physical life. In this video, I go deeply into the meaning of a "true and sovereign" Soul Path from the perspective of the Divine Feminine.

How do you know your true Soul Path?

How do you make life decisions that are aligned with your soul ascension and true soul path? As you embrace spiritual awakening, these questions become compelling as you navigate the many possibilities and choices that are available to you. In this video, I address this question, both from the "big picture" of your soul journey and how it relates to you day-to-day life. You don't have to wait for a big decision or event to align your life -- in all of its aspects -- with your true soul path. You can be empowered to live freely and clearly in every moment.

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